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ConsultRFID is able to provide expert support in any one of the stages involved in the design, development and implementation of inventory and asset tracking.


Projects vary in scope, speed, resources and budget. By providing a flexible range of services, ConsultRFID can provide an iterative approach to solutions design, one that adapts to inevitable process, platform and system changes over time.


ConsultRFID is also able to assist and advise technology vendors with:


  • European market entry strategies

  • Sales channel development and distribution

  • Accessing experienced business development resources

  • Market knowledge and industry vertical expertise

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Feasibility Studies


ConsultRFID can design and successfully demonstrate some of the key project requirement(s) using off-the-shelf system components. Regulatory and standards compliance methods are used, even at this early stage of the process, to ensure you are meeting all appropriate standards. The potential impact of the RFID system on your current processes and operations will also be considered, all being documented in a concise feasibility report.


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Evaluation & Selection


ConsultRFID will assist companies to establish the most appropriate frequency of operation (LF, HF or UHF) for your project specification. This helps to determine the type of tag/inlay, reader and antenna combination used, ensuring you receive the best results. All components are tested to select the best components, which meet performance requirements, at the most competitive prices. After the evaluation process is complete one of our consultants will produce a concise report to help aid in the selection process. 


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Fast Start & Support


If you are interested in utilizing RFID, but don’t know how or even if it is technically feasible for you, ConsultRFID’s RFID Fast Start Package can help. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to determine if RFID is the right technology before you invest a significant amount of time and money on a system that doesn’t meet your needs.  

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Trials & Pilots


Following initial site-survey studies of the relevant sites, small scale pilots are used to demonstrate the feasibility of the solution based on your project specification. These may or may not be integrated into your network and may instead operate on a separate network for test and evaluation purposes. Using small pilot tests at this stage is indicative of actual performance on full deployment, therefore significant effort which goes into optimisation work is usually carried out in order to achieve maximum performance.


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Rollout & Full Implementation Support


ConsultRFID can fulfil the roles required by the client for implementation, from project management and hardware fulfilment to reader configuration and backend integration.


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Training & Optimisation


ConsultRFID will help to educate and train our clients with primary interactions with the system. This usually includes basic operational training of hardware/software management of the RFID system in place. Further tests of the solution may be carried out in order to achieve the highest levels of performance, this may include fine tuning of antenna positions, reader algorithm adjustments and network infrastructure optimisations.

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Project Governance


ConsultRFID’s consultants can support you through the project governance stage, helping to put in place a clear framework that will enable a project to progress successfully. Our consultants will work with you to develop clear structures and procedures that will guide the project forwards.


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Project Management


ConsultRFID’s experienced Project Managers always go that extra mile to help ensure that your system is implemented in a timely and efficient manner, causing minimal disruption to your business and ensuring you get the best return on your IT investment.

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Requirements & Blueprints


Buying a new software solution is a big investment. To ensure the highest possible return, there needs to be clear, well specified functional requirements. ConsultRFID’s experienced consultants will work with you to make sure you achieve the best return on your investment and meet all the requirements now and in the future.  


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Project Recovery


ConsultRFID can support your failing RFID or Digital IT project through a dedicated project management team, or by providing guidance to your team.


Best practice project management principles do not come with any guarantees. Unforeseen complications can lead to technical and challenging issues, hard to identify and resolve. Without the appropriate skillset required to address these obstacles, a complex IT project can rapidly lose traction.  Service level agreements will lapse and the IT project can lose focus.


There is no positive outcome from a floundered IT project. If not addressed promptly, the medium and long-term consequences of a failed project can often have a catastrophic effect on business continuity or on subsequent projects and investments.


ConsultRFID has over Twenty years of intensive IT project implementation experience is available to support clients complex problem situations, helping to quickly identify key failure factors and implement rapid solutions.


Three steps to a successful project recovery.


1. Project assessment


Project audit and impact assessment – taking the necessary steps required to identify technical and non-technical cause of failure.


Project plan – defining requirements and realistic expectations to move your project forward through a decisive plan of action.


2. Project recovery to completion


Returning your project to its original or agreed correct new path through either a dedicated project management team, or providing guidance to your existing IT personnel through the role of Technical Project Manager.


3. Communication


Unifying communication between all internal and external parties, ensuring that everyone associated with the project is kept informed of ongoing progress.


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Proposal & Contract Review


ConsultRFID can provide support to clients in the review or completion of complex contracts and align with objectives. Ensuring no un-clarified issues remain in the contact, that all the understanding reached between the client and technology suppliers are fully and correctly documented in the body of the contract and appendiced.

ConsultRFID can advise on changes, additions, omissions that have not previously been discussed, the change control process and introduction into the agreement and possible arrangements and mechanisms to allow for change.


ConsultRFID can assist with the implementation of a contract review; ensuring factors such as Project Scope, Magnitude, Technical Complexity, Staff Skills and Experience, Resources, Project organisational complexity and inter-operability, integration and wider considerations.


ConsultRFID will consider in parallel with internal financial, legal and operations teams, the operation the solution, packages and equipment to be deployed, firmware and embedded software, hosting; project definitions, objectives, resources, timescales and risks amongst wider requirements. Commercial fairness of the contract based on market knowledge can also be applied to validate costs, whilst balancing risks, solution and objectives.


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Expert Review, Analysis & Dispute Resolution


Here at ConsultRFID we bring together all our knowledge and expertise within RFID and Auto-ID sectors to provide a friendly professional yet affective approach to the resolution of technical disputes, providing expert witness services. Our clients trust us to provide a confidential, independent and unbiased service, helping to resolve any concern or problem quickly and efficiently, giving them the best outcome for their business. 


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Procurement & Sourcing Review


ConsultRFID can assist clients validate or optimise their sourcing and procurement by using our experience over twenty plus years in the RFID and Auto-ID global marketplace. Assisting with the sourcing of the correct Goods and Services required not only at the right price and quality; but also ensuring patents and IP are not infringed.

 ConsultRFID can provide Procurement, Implementation and Innovation support. Engaging with all stakeholders for current or long term purchases or proposed tender packages.


ConsultRFID will support full Compliance that clients comply with all relevant legislation and internal procedures, supporting processes and training. Ensuring suppliers, contractors and subcontractors comply with all legislation related to the products and service they provide; substantiated by audit checks and contract review meetings

ConsultRFID can support supplier Engagement and Collaboration to ensure they are: aware of all procurement requirements, appropriate specifications, research can be undertaken to source suitable suppliers, processes designed and reviewed to ensure effective and efficient.


Supplier performance feedback is obtained and acted upon. Best practice and innovation within the markets for goods and services. Market trends are tracked and we use this information when undertaking contract review and renegotiation.


ConsultRFID can support the development of appropriate relationships to optimise results and ensure focus of resource on the areas with the biggest positive impact on the business, such as the areas where most money is spent or the highest risks and Contracts have to be managed accordingly. Sustainability, environmental compliance legislation; objectives, KPI’s, financial and fluctuation targets; measure, report and publishing of benefits achieved from both procurement exercises and renegotiation of existing contracts for products and services required.


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